Competition Training

The California State Judo Tournament is going to be held in San Francisco this May and the USJF Nationals in Irvine this July. For those interested, please let Cal Sensei know as there is a special class being held during regular practice specifically geared towards competitive judo.

CENCO Kata Clinic

Last March 12th and 13th, a number of Palo Alto Judokas participated in a CENCO Kata Clinic hosted by San Jose Buddhist Judo Club. The guest clinician was Eiko Shepherd Sensei, a 7th degree black belt. The clinic focused on Nage-No-Kata, Katame-No-Kata, and Randori-No-Kata.

Below are some pictures from the event from the San Jose Buddhist Judo Club Facebook page

CENCO Kata Clinic

CENCO Kata Clinic 2

CENCO Kata Clinic 3

CENCO Kata Clinic 4

Kata Pictures from the 2015 Palo Alto Judo Invitational

Attached are some pictures from the Kata portion of the Palo Alto Judo Invitational held last November 2015.




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